Mckenzie Jane

"Recently, I decided to give one of Voncleir's "Anxiety Rings" a go to work on my daily mindfulness. I was instantly taken with the pretty design and wondered if the spinning function would help calm me. One month later and I never leave home without it! It keeps my hands busy and stops me from biting my nails, playing with my hair and picking at my clothes when out in public. It's been a gamechanger! The best bit is, no one knows it's my secret 'mindfulness' ring. It simply looks like a pretty accessory. Thanks Voncleir!"

Elizzeth R.

"Beautiful ring. High quality and so soothing when feeling anxiety coming on. Had several people comment on how pretty it is.
The service from Voncleir is amazing.
I am already buying another and so are friends."

Morgane M.

"The size and weight of the Anxiety rings are chunky enough to feel like a statement ring, while still feeling stylish and being practical. I love the look and it's definitely helping to keep my anxious hands busy!"