Pixie Crystal Necklace | Blue
Pixie Crystal Necklace | Blue

Pixie Crystal Necklace | Blue

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This exquisitely crafted custom Halo VVS Diamond Necklace.

Voncleir Paris would like to introduce their handcrafted, uniquely designed jewelry pieces. Invest in your look and make a bold statement with Voncleir's range. You will only find these styles here!

Bling out your look with our ethically sourced VVS simulated diamond neck, wrist, and ring custom pieces. The prong-lifted diamond setting allows your bling to shine from all angles.


-Flawless VVS simulated diamonds
-Ethically Sourced
-Hand-pressed, prong-lifted diamond settings
-Highest quality
-Unique designs
-Unisex designs
-100% money-back guarantee
-Lifetime warranty and repair to the item if you should experience any defects in craftsmanship or breakage.